Grey Long Vest

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Long dark grey vest made of Italian cold wool with asymmetric collar and custom metal buckle.

Organic cool wool.
Custom metal buckle.
Originally made in Madrid.
Elevated in our atelier in Madrid.
Size M-L.

All fabrics are organic and/or recovered.
Unique piece.

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is our new line of products born from the need to tackle the most pressing environmental threat of the fashion industry: waste.

Over 11 billion tons of waste end up in a landfill every year, 5 billion of which come from clothing. Only 5% of discarded clothing is re-used and 10% is recycled. And the problem only grows and grows.

Since 2017, we have been working on the circularity of our process but we have always had a hard time reconciling the fact that every garment we release into the world has a life span and could potencially end up as waste, regardless of how sustainable its creation was. How could we grow our business without adding to the problem while providing a solution?

This dilemma led to the creation of  . A new way of working that seeks to absorb and keep in circulation discarded clothing equivalent to the new product launched into the market.

By creating a new product line that uses recovered fabric to create new pieces along with our global Positive Impact commitments, we contribute to the environment and social empowerment as much as we do to the business, aiming not only for growth but for regenerative growth.

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