is our new line of products born from the need to tackle the most pressing environmental threat of the fashion industry: waste.

We discard 92 million tonnes of textile waste very year. 87% of it ends up in a landfill or incinerated. By 2030 it is estimated to grow by almost 50%.

Since 2017, we have been working on the circularity of our process. With waste being such a pressing global problem, the next challenge to be addressed is being able to reconcile the growth of the firm with the fact that every garment released to the world has a lifespan and can potentially end up in a landfill, regardless of how sustainable its creation is. Can a business grow without adding to this problem, and could it be achieved by also providing a solution?

This dilemma led to the creation of  . A new line of work that seeks to absorb, transform and keep in circulation discarded clothing, building around it a specialized team working with rescued material and collaborating with social and environmental programs.

An approach through which to maintain a balance between the new product launched to the market each year and the amount of waste that is recovered.

By creating a new product line that uses recovered fabric to create new pieces along with our global Positive Impact commitments, we contribute to the environment and social empowerment as much as we do to the business, aiming not only for growth but for regenerative growth.

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